Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lots and lots

Here is updated pics from mommy's Red velvet cake ball cooking to me at the pool, easter, mothers days and more fun! Miss you guys and luvins!

yes it has been a while

Well ever since mommy got preggers the last thing on her mind has been blogging. See mommy is one of those people that get really sick the whole time, but luckily it was only the first trimester. Okay so still not excuse since I am 21 weeks now well into the second trimester, and we found out a couple of weeks ago WE ARE HAVING A BOY! We are thrilled and the doctor said he looks like he is due around sept 28 or oct 2nd (give or take a week since addisen came at what she measured on the ultrasound). We are so very excited to welcome a new baby boy into our home, and I will try to do better on posting. Also we are most likely for sure going private on the blog, so we will let you know when we do so we can add you. Sorry again and enjoy the updates!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I like to help mommy make desserts especially ones I can eat like instant pudding pie. Plus the other night I got to help vacuum with daddy. I hope they appreciate me

I'm a big helper now!

more random pics

I luv this thing

I drive around in it and say beep beep beep beep. Because that makes it go fast.

me with daddy not feeling so well. But I love my piggies!


playing with cousin brendon is so much fun! I know I look scared, but I'm really not, go faster!

Monday, February 16, 2009

We Are Alive-Promise!

Sorry we have just been sick for the past three weeks! One flu, cold, and whatever else after the other! Boo and a bigger boo to the flu & cold season. I Addie promise I am alive and doing better, and will be updating the blog soon with pics. luvins.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My First trip to the mountains to play!

Okay so I dislike the whole sledding thing, all I wanted to was walk in the snow by the street and sit on my snow hill. That I like!

Christmas Morning

It's a Magical Forest After All!

I had lots of fun at the magical forest. We all went to the Magical Forest before Christmas and it was a blast. We went on the merry-go-round, the choo-choo train, and saw santa, and elves, and many more Christmas people! I hope we go again next year!

Fun San Diego pics!

First of all San Diego has the bestest parks! I loved San Diego. I like the swings the most!

Family Photos

So mommy and daddy wanted to take some Family Photos. Well first I was just really bored, but a cat caught my attention so I was not going to look into the camera, then my fingers tasted good for teething, and finally mommy and daddy gave me a pine cone to distract me, so I put that pine cone to good use and tried to eat it. Well lets just say it didn't taste good, but I liked chewing on it, till mommy noticed, freaked out and stole it back!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yeah I Am Finally Home!

Whoa! The holidays were fun this year. We have been out of town, then in town, and then out of town again, and then caught in a snow storm, and then home again (thank goodness!). I am getting my pictures ready for some fun updates, and I am in the middle of changing my Main Blog Title picture thingy. But I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday so far with your loved ones. Luvins, your cuddlebug Addie

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have the best daddy! (okay so I am partial)

Why I love you daddy!
I have the best daddy because he loves me so much!
I have the best daddy because he travels for his job even though he doesn't want to because his job pays some of the bills to take care of me and mommy. He is always sacrificing for us.
He dislikes every minute he spends away from us, but yet he still sacrifices so I have a warm crib, food and a home. He cuddles with me whenever I want to. He makes really cool playhouses. He always takes good care of me when mommy is working on Sat. He is so fun to play with. He sings hymns to me to help me sleep. He is fun at the park. He makes bigger chunks of food for me to eat than mommy. He loves the gospel and is always looking for opportunities to teach me it even though I am so young. He loves mommy so much (I always smile really big when they kiss). He takes every moment he has with me and makes it perfect. He squirts the hippo bath water at me so I can bite the water stream at bath time. Most of all, I have the best daddy because he LOVES ME SO MUCH, and never lets me second guess his love for me. I love you daddy and thanks for all that you do for me and mommy. Come home soon! I will pray for your safe return. Oh and mommy and I prayed tonight that your job hopefully won't make you travel anymore, so you can rest assured Heavenly Father is working on it! We love you and hang in there daddy!

My typical morning since the Christmas Decorations are up.

So I get up in the morning and mommy and me cuddle on the couch and watch the today show until I fully wake up. Then mommy puts me down to play while she cooks breakfast for me. So I grab the only candy cane I am allowed touch on the tree, and carry it around for a second. Then I bang it on the popcorn tin, which the other day I noticed mommy has since then taped the candy cane. Then I take the candy cane and stir inside my mini cookie tin until breakfast is done. This is my favorite thing to do in the morning, same thing every day!

more pics

More pics enjoy!

Why is that yarn following me still?

Okay so I gave up on the not sharing Santas chair. Mommy said sharing is important.

Here's where mommy and grandma wanted to take a picture with me by the display at Ethel m's but I don't want to because look right over there is the free sample chocolate lady, please put me down, I need more chocolate. I swear they act like they don't understand me but I know they can hear me!

helping mommy decorate for Christmas.

My favorite closet chair.